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21st Apr 2012

Recent Additions

I just realized it had been since I’d posted anything new that I’ve added to the collection. I’ve managed to find a few more pieces that I’ve been wanting for...

30th Mar 2012

New Trilogo Forum

My good friend, Joe_O, has just started a forum for Trilogo Collectors. He already runs the great site which is a great source for info/insight into the Trilogo line of...

26th Feb 2012

Toltoys and 65C Blue Saber Lukes

Here’s two new Luke additions that I was fortunate to add. The first has been on my want list for awhile which is a Australian Toltoys Luke Jedi with blue...

17th Feb 2012
Rebelscum Virtual Toy Comic-Con

Rebelscum Virtual Toy Comic-Con

Starting tomorrow at noon MST, is the first Rebelscum Virtual Toy Comic-Con. This is the first time that I’ve seen a concept like this done, but it seems like a...

10th Feb 2012
Revenge Force LIghtsaber Proof Sheet

Revenge Force LIghtsaber Proof Sheet

On of my more recent additions is this proof sheet for The Force lightsaber store display. This was printed up before the movie’s title was renamed to Return of the...

27th Jan 2012
Spray Ops Error Luke Jedi

Spray Ops Error Luke Jedi

A friend recently picked up this factory flawed figure for my focus. I really like it a lot more than I thought I initially would. This Luke never had the...

21st Dec 2011

Meccano Yan Solo Miscard

This has been on my want list for my Luke Jedi collection for some time. This was put out by the French distributer, Meccano, and is a Luke Jedi figure...

21st Nov 2011
Droids & Ewoks Prototype Coins

Droids & Ewoks Prototype Coins

I originally hadn’t really planned on picking up any of these, but some showed up on ebay with nice Buy it Nows, so I couldn’t resist. These are silver first...