General Mills Italian Luke Jedi

Based on the information from, General Mills most likely replaced Edilio Parodi as the distrubuter for Star Wars Toys in Italy. I already found a Edilio Parodi Luke Jedi a few years ago which happened to be on a Palitoy card from the U.K.

About a week ago, I had a friend send me an auction for another Luke Jedi that had this later General Mills sticker. This one was on a U.S. Kenner 77a back card. It also happened to have been a Hong Kong 77 back which I didn’t have yet either, so it was even nicer to get both in one go. It’s also interesting that it has a Kaybee U.S. price sticker, so this was part of stock that was sent over from Europe to Kaybee. I’d love to find out the real story behind why Kaybee ended up with all this European overstock. There’s another great writeup about what is known about the Kaybee overstock on as well.

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