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10th Jan 2017

Palitoy 65B Blue Saber

Even though I just received this, I consider it the last addition of 2016 as that was when the deal began.  A few years ago I was the skeptic that...

04th Mar 2016

FX Luke First Shot & Site Update

I’m still here even with the lack of updates from last year. I’m currently in the process of updating all my photos and have most of my Vintage Luke Jedi...

06th Apr 2015

New U Grade Petition

The U grade has been getting some visibility among collectors again with a big push on the many collecting Facebook groups. A new petition has started from collector, Ross Barr,...

08th Jan 2015

Celebration Anaheim Exclusive Patch

 I’m pleased to announce my involvement in a patch giveaway for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Myself and 6 other collectors have sponsored the creation of a puzzle patch, that when...

14th Dec 2014

Alternate Logo Yoda Coin

It seems like I’m always able to reach a coin goal at the end of a year and 2014 was no different. I’ve been after one of these alternate logo...

25th Aug 2014

SWFUK Podcast Feature

A little while ago I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the recently launched SWFUK Podcast. That episode, episode 4, has now gone live, so I highly suggest you...

23rd Aug 2014

Slides & Transparencies

Over the last month I’ve been able to add two pieces that go great with the Luke Jedi focus. The first is a slide for some of the photography for...

07th Aug 2014

Dark Empire Luke

I recently had the chance to pick up a few more modern pieces that fit closer to my vintage focus. This is dark side Luke from the Dark Empire Comic...