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18th Jul 2012

Revenge Proof Sheet Framed

Back when I originally purchased this, I said I wanted to get it framed this year. Well, the year is halfway over and I finally decided it was time to...

10th Jul 2012

The Final CVI Button Revealed

I’ve been given the go ahead, from Chris and Aimee, to now reveal the final button that will be handed out at Celebration VI. I really love the way how...

07th Jul 2012

Kenner Really Did Care!

Kenner, was a company that seemed to really pride themselves on customer service. I’ve read countless stories where someone wrote into Kenner and received a response regarding their various questions...

29th Jun 2012

Celebration VI Exclusives

Going to Celebration VI? Well, will be giving away its first set of exclusives. All you have to do is seek me out during the convention to get one....

16th Jun 2012

Canadian 65 Back

This has been on my want list for quite some time and it was thanks to another collector that I finally found one. This is a Canadian 65 Back with...

30th May 2012

Double Telescoping Luke in Bag

This is my last major purchase until Celebration VI in August, but when one finally showed up for auction, I had to attempt to get it. This is a Double...

24th May 2012

Kenner Luke Jedi Miscard

I’ve been on a roll with the miscard figures lately. While the other two, have been found in multiples and evidence suggest they were on purpose, I believe this to...

17th May 2012

Trilogo Obi-Wan/Luke Jedi Miscard

This is an item that I’ve wanted for a long time now. I first found out about it on The Star Wars Collectors archive┬áseveral years ago and am extremely happy...