Coin Offer POTF Romba

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, to go with my coins, is compliment them with a few carded figures with the coin offer stickers. One of the fun things about these stickers is that they were sent in rolls to retailers to apply to existing stock, so you can actually find them on various card combinations. The most common of the figures are Return of the Jedi, where the stickers were sent out originally when Jedi figures were abundant. However, some stores appeared to have a few Empire figures that didn’t sell as well which they can also be commonly found on. Also, it appears that some early shipments of the Power of the Force line included the stickers with them too. I see the Jedi and Empire figures all the time, but last week a seller had a few of the Power of the Force. I decided it was as good of a time as any to try and get one. There was another bidder that I was going against, but I did end up winning it. It’s kind of fun to think that with this one someone could have gotten two free coins if you include the one already with the figure.



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