10th Nov 2008

New Display Shelves

The last mail-away figure offered from the movie The Empire Strikes Back was again another Bounty Hunter. The figure was 4-LOM and was another one that had only a minute...

28th Oct 2008
Mail-Away: Display Arena

Mail-Away: Display Arena

By 1982 the action figure line was much larger than 12 figures. Kenner decided to offer up another display stand for figures. This one consisited of 4 L shaped stand...

20th Oct 2008
Mail-Away: Survival Kit

Mail-Away: Survival Kit

This promotion was for all the kids that had lost weapons for their Star Wars figures. It also included some unique items that could only be found in this kit....

10th Oct 2008

65A Blue Saber Luke Jedi

I just added a 65A back Luke jedi knight to my Luke Jedi focus This is a made in hong kong version, has a blue lightsaber, and a snap cape....