08th Dec 2008

Mailer Display Update

November was a great month in terms of updating my display setup. I picked up the two Detolfs from Ikea which I am really loving, got two more cases for...

05th Dec 2008
Mail-Away: Admiral Ackbar

Mail-Away: Admiral Ackbar

The last mail-away figure to be advertised on Empire Strikes Back figure cards was Admiral Ackbar. Admiral Ackbar was the sneak preview figure for the new Star Wars movie Revenge...

28th Nov 2008

Carded Moulded Luke Jedi

I was really excited when this piece showed up on ebay with a low buy it now. There have been 2 before this one that I had missed out on...

18th Nov 2008
Mail-Away: 4-LOM

Mail-Away: 4-LOM

The last mail-away figure offered from the movie The Empire Strikes Back was again another Bounty Hunter. The figure was 4-LOM and was another one that had only a minute...