Carded Moulded Luke Jedi

I was really excited when this piece showed up on ebay with a low buy it now. There have been 2 before this one that I had missed out on earlier this year. Roughly a dozen of these that have been reported in the collecting community and only 1 as of May that has been afa graded, so it is a pretty uncommon figure. One of the unique characteristics of this Luke Jedi figure is the cape being folded behind the figure in a plastic bag and of course the face being the plastic color and the hair painted on while the more common Lukes are the opposite. It should have a snap cape inside. I myself cannot tell for sure because of the way the cape is packaged, but Shawn Byrne personally opened up one of these and it did have a snap cape, so it is a pretty safe assumption. There is an entry on this figure at the Star Wars Collectors Archive

Here are some pictures of the one I just received.


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