Mail-Away: Survival Kit

This promotion was for all the kids that had lost weapons for their Star Wars figures. It also included some unique items that could only be found in this kit. It was offered during The Empire Strikes Back period, required 5 proofs of purchase and expired on May 31st, 1981. The kit consisted of 5 guns to replace lost ones, 3 Gas Masks to recreate the space slug scene, 2 Hoth Backpacks, Jedi training harness for Luke to carry around Yoda on his back, and grappling hook for Luke to swing onto the AT-AT. Not a bad combination of accessories to recreate movie scenes if I say so myself. Here is how the advertisement appeared on figure cards.

The kit also included a flyer like the previous ones describing all the accessories. Here is the kit I have in my collection. Unfortunately the seller blacked out their address in marker when I got it.

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