Vintage CVI Buys

Last night I finally got around to taking a few pictures of my buys from CVI. I think I did fairly well in getting some of the things I wanted.

One thing I had planned on was adding a few more loose Droids figures. I managed to find 3 for my collection bringing my total up to 6 of them, so now I only have 6 left. The ones I picked up were Kez-Iban, Uncle Gundy, and Kea Moll.

I also managed to pick up a Kenner 1984 Toy Fair catalog. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but here’s what the cover looks like. One of the main reasons I wanted this was that it had a page featuring the new hanger packaging for The Force Lightsaber.

Finally, the major buy for me was one of the Power of the Force concept logos. There’s a few of these floating around and they were some of the various ideas being thrown around Kenner for the then unnamed Power of the Force line. Here’s one of the best write ups I’ve found about them and also shows many of the logo ideas.



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