Trilogo Obi-Wan/Luke Jedi Miscard

This is an item that I’ve wanted for a long time now. I first found out about it on The Star Wars Collectors archive¬†several years ago and am extremely happy to finally have it in my collection. This is a Luke Jed figure packaged on an Obi-Wan Kenobi Trilogo card. Some of these miscards are fairly common, but this is the only 2nd one that I’ve seen of this particular one. The one I own now, I believe is the same one, shown the archive that I already mentioned. The other thing that makes this unique, is the fact that it was left packaged in its baggie from the factory and then placed on the card. The only reason I can think of behind this is that it was the easiest way to keep all of Luke’s accessories bundled with him, so they could package them faster.

Enough exist, of some of these miscards, that they were most likely done intentionally at the factory and were not a mistake. It’d be interesting to find out what happened. The logical theory would be they ran out of some cardbacks and just tried to pair them up with similar characters. The other interesting thing behind these is that they all use the same bubble as well. Unfortunately, they are very fragile and most of them do have cracks and bubble damage like mine does. These were also all thought to have been produced from France, so that they are country specific is another thing.

For anyone that would like to learn a bit more on these in general, Joe_o, at has written a great article/gallery of these miscards and also talks about the bubble at the bottom of the Bubble Types & Variations page.


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