Dark Empire Luke

darkempire2I recently had the chance to pick up a few more modern pieces that fit closer to my vintage focus. This is dark side Luke from the Dark Empire Comic series. The figure is from the 2008 Legacy Collection Comic pack which also included the Clone Emperor. To help fund this purchase i had to sell the pieces I had related to Fixer, but they went to a good home, so while it was kind of hard to let them go, I at least know they will be appreciated.

I managed to pick up a painted Hardcopy

Hardcopyassembled Hardcopyapart





And a non production colored first shot that has the HFE mark, lacks copyright information, and no peg holes

firstshotcape firstshotfront firstshotfeet






I’m hoping I can add some more pieces to this run such as a mock up and Hasbro Standard sample. I never got too deep into the EU, but do remember enjoying the Dark Empire series when it originally came out and really liking this look for Luke that is very similar to Vader.

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