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Sunday, on a local classifieds site, I found a listing titled “Star Wars ‘Early Bird Special'” with the following description:

I have an Early Bird Special with Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and Princess Leia. Original packaging from the 70’s in the original box sent in the mail! The light saber in Luke’s arm functions properly. Send an email to me if interested.

There wasn’t a picture and my first thought was that it was probably the 2005 Walmart reissue, but I figured it didn’t hurt to send a question asking for a picture. A few days passed with no response, so I figured it must have sold.

Wednesday, I received a reply that the seller didn’t have any pictures. I decided to ask some questions about the set, like figures still in bags, Double Telescoping Saber (more on that later), paperwork, etc. He answered all my questions and everything sounded correct. I arranged to meet him Thursday night to see the set and hopefully work out a deal.

I ended up working a deal with the seller and got it. Here’s some pictures of the set. Unfortunatley all the baggies except the pegs had been opened, but it did include a nice Double Telescoping Lightsaber Luke.

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I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time and I’m glad I was able to find one locally.

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