Some New Additions on the Way

It has been a little while since I have added anything new, but I do have two new items on the way. A little while ago I picked up the Category 3 Creatures coin. When I received the coin it ended up being graded and came with a certificate of authenticity stating that it was from the Lucasfilm reference set. If it wouldn’t have been such a costly coin I would have kept it, but luckily I found someone who was willing to trade for a loose coin and a little extra. Hopefully that coin will be here in a day or two.

The other item I finally picked up is a Luke Jedi 65c carded figure. This version is a 65 cardback with the free Emperor offer on the front and back. I’ve wanted one of these for sometime and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll update as I get these items with pictures at that time.

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