C-3PO’s & NSW Luke

I haven’t picked up a whole lot recently with saving money for San Diego Comic-Con, but here’s two recent purchases that I’m happy to own.

The first here is the C-3PO’s cereal box which has the mail in offer for 4 free Micro figures. I picked up a set of the Micro figures in baggies some time ago and have wanted the box to go with them for some time. I still need to track down the rebel rocket which included the order form and the mailing envelope for the micro figures.

The 2nd item is a non Sonic Welded Luke Jedi. For those wondering, here’s a pretty good article on the sonic welding process. This is basically a figure that didn’t get a good weld, so all the individual pieces came apart. There have even been some examples of figures completely apart like this, but still sealed on their cards. It is a fun pieces that helps give you an idea of how all the parts of an action figure come together.


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