ESB-D Luke Jedi Baggie

Today I received a new baggie type to add to my Luke Jedi focus. This version of the baggie is the ESB-D, which has the text Kenner Made in Hong Kong. This is the 3rd baggie I have in my collection. The others are the ESB-H which is a larger bag with no text, and the ROTJ-H, with the text Kenner Made in Taiwan R.O.C.
There are at least two more that I am tracking down. The first is the ROTJ-A which has Made in Taiwan, but no Kenner text. The other is the ESB-D like I just acquired, but the Luke has the blue lightsaber.

Here is a group shot of the ones I have.


It also goes with my multipack that I am working on completing. I just need to find a Lando Skiff Guard to go with it.


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