Lili Ledy Luke Jedi

This is a loose figure that has been on my want list for several years now, but I’ve been waiting for the right one to become available. Lili Ledy was the distributor of Star Wars figures in Mexico and not only that, they also produced them for their market and also a few items for Kenner in the U.S. near the end of the run of the Star Wars toys. Because of this, there are various differences between the Made in Mexico figures when compared to the others out there. Because Luke had so many accessories, I wanted to wait to buy from a seller I trusted and he had to be complete as I knew I’d be hunting down the accessories for a long time if I tried to piece on together. I didn’t take any pictures of the figure/accessory differences, but they are well documented here on the TIG Lili Ledy Guide for Luke Jedi. I also have a cardback to go with this figure that a few collectors gave me a few years ago as a gift. Lili Ledy items have become really popular the last few years and as such prices have really skyrocketed, so, for now, this will be as close as I get to a carded version.



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