POTF Coins

Last year I only managed to add 2 POTF coins and looking back on my records it was almost exactly a year ago. I think I was too sidetracked with completing my mailaway figures and Luke Jedi items. This year I have recommitted myself and even came up with a budget to add roughly 6 coins.

I recently picked up the first one which was the Droids Coin. This coins ranks in Category IV of rarity out of the 5 categories. Collector Gus Lopez came up with the category system and the article he wrote can be viewed at The Star Wars Collectors Archive.

There has been talk of a new system and it was mentioned at Celebration IV. I unfortunately missed going to that collecting panel because I had to travel home that day to get back to work. Gus and another collector have a book coming out in the next month that I’m hoping has the new information that was discussed at that panel. I look forward to reading the coin section in that book.

I plan to organize the Coins section on the Power of the force page into the separate categories. I think this will make it easier to navigate and find a specific coin.


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