New Baggies

Two baggies arrived in the same day and again these are ones that I’ve been trying to find for a little while now.

The first is an early bird Chewbacca. He’s in a sw-a baggie with no text and the “green” crossbow. This completes the baggies for my Early Bird set.

The other is a Palitoy(U.K.) Luke Jedi baggie. The baggie lacks the Kenner text like the U.S. version and is tape sealed where the U.S. version is heat sealed. This comes from the original owner who remembers getting it in the mail. In the U.K. there was a mailer flyer that was sent out and Luke Jedi was one of the figures offered. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the original mailer box, so the hunt continues to hopefully find one of those at some point.

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