Long Overdue Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the front page here with new items, so here are some things I’v been able to add over the last couple months.

First, is a Tusken Raider coin. This coin almost marks the end of the 5th Category of coins for me. I have one more in the category to go and am in the process of paying that coin off with the seller.

The next was an unexpected item that came up that a friend alerted me about. This is a 65a back Luke Jedi Proof card. I’ve wanted a proof for years and always figured my first would be the cheaper Revenge proofs. But when a Luke Jedi turned up, I knew I had to have it. I’ve had to thin out a few items from other collections to help pay for it, but you never know when an opportunity like this will come along again. I’ve been able to verify 5 other ones like this out there, so it isn’t a one of a kind example, but not a common item that comes up for sale often. It is up there as one of my favorite pieces to the Luke focus.

The last was something given to me by a fellow Luke Jedi collector/friend. I’ve wanted these U.K. Return of the Jedi promo cards for some time, but hadn’t taken the time to track them down. This friend said he had something to send me without giving any clue as to what it was, so it was a really nice surprise to see that he sent me both versions of these cards. One was given out at the Odeon Cinema and the other at the Department store, Debenhams, of the U.K. After being more active in forums over the last few years, I’ve learned just how much more fun this hobby can be with friends.

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