A Few New Additions

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything new that I’ve added to the collection. Here are a couple of items I have added over the last couple of months.

First I’ll start with coins, as that has been the main focus of the year. The two I’ve recently added are the Star Destroyer Commander and the Sail Skiff. The Skiff coin was pretty much free after flipping a few items that another collector and I found. I’m really glad to have the grandaddy of coins out of the way. I have one more coin that I have on a payment plan that should be payed off by November and that will be it for the year.


I also recently upgraded my Young Jedi mailer paperwork. The previous set I had was missing the tear off form for the figure and the envelope to mail the form in. My set is now pretty much complete minus the box that all this came in. I originally wanted to try and get one, but I think it would require buying a whole other set, so I’m just going to stick with the paperwork and figure. Here is a new picture I took of the set and added to the ROTJ page.

I’ve sold off a few things from my collection to help make things a bit more manageable in the collection room and free up some funds for these items. I figure if I ever want those items again, they will be easily replaceable unlike some of these new additions.

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