Creatures Coin

Today I received a Creatures coin to add to my collection. There is a little story that goes with this coin. I originally bought one about a month or so ago. I knew at the time it was AFA graded, but I got it at the price a loose one would go for. My plan was to simply crack open the case, so I could add it to my frame. When I received the coin it also came with a certificate of authenticity stating that the coin was from the coin set sent to Lucasfilm to approve the coins. I debated about it for a little while as to wether or not I still wanted to crack open the coin as once that happened it would no longer be able to be authenticated. I decided to also ask the members onrebelscum forum and get some other opinions on the decision. A member that I have had some dealings with in the past contacted me and told me he had an extra loose version of the coin and was wondering if I would trade plus a little cash. I decided to go ahead and do that. Today I received the loose coin and am happy that I didn’t break the case on the other one. I hope to still add one of these approval coins to my collection, but want to get one of the cheaper ones.

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