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07th Jun 2013

Kenner White Clipper Sticker

I’ve recently managed to find a new Clipper cardback for the collection. This version, has a white border, instead of black, of the Clipper Sticker from The Netherlands. This time...

30th Apr 2013

Prototype Coin Album

This is an item that has been on my want list for a few years now, after going for a coin set. This year, I wanted to finally make it...

12th Mar 2013

Coin Offer POTF Romba

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, to go with my coins, is compliment them with a few carded figures with the coin offer stickers. One of the fun things...

25th Feb 2013

Trilogo One-Man Sail Skiff

One fun thing with a figure focus that some people do is find other figure related items to pick up. I already had the Kenner Desert Sail Skiff, but have...

25th Feb 2013

Happy House Reference Photo

I thought I was good on reference photos with two already, but another collector contacted me about this one and I had to have it as I thought the image...

14th Feb 2013

2 Pack With the General

I started 2013 off with another item that I’ve wanted for a long time. My basic understanding of the story goes, Kaybee ended up with a lot of overstock Star...

15th Dec 2012

General Mills Italian Luke Jedi

Based on the information from, General Mills most likely replaced Edilio Parodi as the distrubuter for Star Wars Toys in Italy. I already found a Edilio Parodi Luke Jedi a few...

26th Oct 2012

Transition “The Force” Lightsaber

Here’s another item that I’ve been looking for at least a year now that I’ve finally found. On ebay I noticed a force lightsaber show up for sale and I...