Slides & Transparencies

Over the last month I’ve been able to add two pieces that go great with the Luke Jedi focus.

The first is a slide for some of the photography for the Luke Jedi figure. Many of these slides were available at the now defunct Cloud City Collectibles a long time ago on behalf of one of the original photographers, Kim Simmons. Kim now offers the images of many of these slides at his website A few years ago, I passed on this slide, with a couple othersĀ and actually hadn’t known where it ended up. The collector who had purchased it at that time recently shared it and had it available to trade. Luckily, I had another slide I picked up a year ago that he agreed upon for the trade. My plan is to get a print made up from Kim, so I can use that to display and keep the slide preserved.




The 2nd piece is a transparency for the art on the Return of the Jedi figure case. I’ve always loved this art and actually another fellow Luke Jedi collector had a transparency like this in his collection. The thing that caught my eye was that this appears to be a slightly earlier version of the art that shows Luke with a blue lightsaber. The final case and the friends transparency show the green lightsaber which was a change late into post production of the movie. The actual original art has survived which shows the green lightsaber, so my assumption is that the blue was corrected on it over the green, so this very well could be the only evidence that it once was blue. I also plan to get a print made of this transparency to display at some point.


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