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14th Feb 2013

2 Pack With the General

I started 2013 off with another item that I’ve wanted for a long time. My basic understanding of the story goes, Kaybee ended up with a lot of overstock Star...

15th Dec 2012

General Mills Italian Luke Jedi

Based on the information from, General Mills most likely replaced Edilio Parodi as the distrubuter for Star Wars Toys in Italy. I already found a Edilio Parodi Luke Jedi a few...

26th Oct 2012

Transition “The Force” Lightsaber

Here’s another item that I’ve been looking for at least a year now that I’ve finally found. On ebay I noticed a force lightsaber show up for sale and I...

10th Oct 2012

Palitoy 65C

Sometimes there are figures that should exist, but for whatever reason or another haven’t been found/documented yet. This has been the case with the Palitoy (U.K) 65C Luke Jedi for...

05th Oct 2012

New Baggies

Two baggies arrived in the same day and again these are ones that I’ve been trying to find for a little while now. The first is an early bird Chewbacca....

03rd Oct 2012

Lili Ledy Luke Jedi

This is a loose figure that has been on my want list for several years now, but I’ve been waiting for the right one to become available. Lili Ledy was...

17th Sep 2012

New Book: Coining the Galaxy

When it was announced that a new book on Power of the Force Coins was coming out during Celebration VI, I knew I had to get a copy. One thing...

15th Sep 2012

Luke Jedi Flash Drive

While wandering the exhibitor hall at Celebration VI, I happened across the Mimoco booth. I always thought their flash drives were fun, but had never bought one. I found out...